What is expected of me once I finish the programme?

We are a charitable organisation whose success is cohesive with the trainee rates and completion of our programmes. Currently we have an almost 100% success rate of students going on to further education or employment. We do our best during the enrolment process to ensure the students we take on board are prepared to complete the programmes and continue on to education or careers within the teaching or care sector. We support each trainee to find their path in an area they are passionate about.


What are the attendance requirements?

For the Level 3 Programme and the Level 4 Programmes: You are required to be at your practicum for  3 days a week and at our training centre for two days a week (Wednesdays and Thursdays).

The minimum attendance requirements to pass are set out in the programme’s Code of Conduct which you will receive upon acceptance.


How much does it cost for me to do this training?

The Level 3 and 4 Programmes at Educare Training are provided free to the Taranaki community. However, we do require a $20 bond to be paid by each Trainee when they first start with us. This is returned when the Programme is completed and all books, resources and badges are returned. 


Do I have to organise my own Practicum?

No. We organise your Practicums, taking into account where you live, your personality, your ability and the Supervisor who will be guiding you, so together we can give you the best learning experience possible.


How do I know I will cope with the level of training your offer?

We have a comprehensive assessment process in place from the moment you enter our doors to gauge the level you are working at. We use this information to evaluate whether you are able to cope with this level of training. If we are sure that this level of training will not be suitable for you we will refer you on to another provider at the interview stage.


If I have children, what facilities are available for their care?

You need to be available for training for 5 days a week from 9am – 4pm (approx.). We have many parents who join our Training Programmes and who have children in their care. We do not have childcare facilities at Educare Training so you will need to ensure that you have a plan in place before you start training with us. We try to be flexible and accommodating to those with dependents, and the hours at your Practicum may be negotiated as long as you are meeting the attendance requirements. We can discuss this with you when you come along to one of our information sessions.


Can I do this course if I live in South Taranaki?

We have trainees on our programmes from throughout Taranaki. Trainees are required to be at Educare Training in New Plymouth for 4 days, Monday to Friday, during the first week of every term. From then trainees will be required to be in New Plymouth two days a week (Wednesday and Thursday) and will be placed in a practicum near to their home when possible.  If you are a Youth Guarantee trainee you will receive a travel allowance to help towards your travel costs.


Can I do this course by correspondence?

Because these are face-to-face, hands-on learning, practical and theory-based training programmes it is not available to be done by correspondence. We give our trainees experience in an educational environment and offer one-on-one training and support that would be compromised if we were to offer the programmes extramurally.


What is the Marae stay?

Each year we have an overnight Marae stay. This is a wonderful experience for everyone who attends, with great team building, fun and many cultural experiences under the guidance of our Kuia, Kaiako and staffing team. To meet the qualification requirements it is compulsory for every trainee to attend the Marae stay. Trainees are welcome to bring dependent children with them.


What if I start and then decide that this training is not for me?

We have an extensive interview and application process, to ensure you have understood the programmes outcomes before you begin with us. However, if you find that you are not coping with the training we will review your situation individually. Once you have begun the Programme we require you to complete the Module you are on, then we can support you into a different pathway at the end of that Module. Each module is only 9-12 weeks long, so unless you are stepping into full time employment immediately, we believe it is in your best interest to stay with us till the end of a module.