Our Story

We are a warm, caring team based in New Plymouth. As a charitable organisation, we provide our programmes for free, ensuring those passionate about support and education are given the opportunity to pursue their choice of career. We’ve been the leaders in early childhood and support since the programme began in 1987. We’re the qualification developer for New Zealand Education Support Level 3 and Level 4 and our education programmes have earned the highest accolade from NZQA. We were awarded Highly Confident in both our Educational Performance an Self Assessment sectors. Only 23% of New Zealand’s tertiary providers receive this Category 1 status.

We genuinely care about each person who walks through the Educare Training doors. Our staff are trained to support each student through their studies providing quality care and education. It is the dedication of our team that makes the Educare Training experience one of the best in the country. Learn more about our passionate team below.


At Educare Training we believe support is fundamental to the wellbeing and success of our trainees.

For this reason, we have a number of support systems in place to ensure you are able to fulfill the requirements of the programmes. TEC fund our training programmes, and provide an allowance for travel assistance for those who are eligible for Youth Guarantee, which we then administer to ensure you are able to attend your practicum or classes at Educare Training. For those aged 18 or older you are able to apply through Study Link for a student allowance or living costs.

Educare Training are dedicated to offering free training for level 3 and 4 programmes.  This means you will not need to apply for a student loan to cover programme fees. The nature of our programmes are completely supportive and we aim to ensure that all students on our programmes make it through to completion and go on to further training or employment.

The Team